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Farm Bill Almanac is an blog dedicated to breaking down the wonkishness and complexity of the US Farm Bill, and other delicious agricultural & food related regulations. Succinct, yet brilliant, FBA likes long walks on the beach, natural wines, and hiking.

How Green It Is To Be (Un)Loved By You: Conservation Programs & The Farm Bill

So as mentioned in the previous post, with the “Secret” Farm Bill out, the process starting this coming January will be something of a blank slate, and much more open to both public comment and pressure from advocacy groups. This … Continue reading

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Farm Bill…

So many of you might have wondered — the few who read and check here consistently — what happened to the posts here on the FBA. Firstly, came the papers — things are wrapping up here at NYU’s Food Studies … Continue reading

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Knowing Your Terms: Talking about Subsidies

So, Carolyn Dmitri, former economist with the USDA and a professor of mine, made the point to denote a distinction that went amiss in the last post, namely, the use of the term “subsidies”. Historically, the Farm Bill started out … Continue reading

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Who Says Money Can’t Grow on Trees? (It Certainly Can Grow in Dirt)

When Jed Clampett & family came into the city from their ho-hum Arkansas (or was it Appelachian?) existence, they continued to derive seasons upon seasons of financial goodwill from their little plot far far and away. The story there is … Continue reading

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So how did we get here? :: A Short History of the Farm Bill(s)

Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother” is one of the most iconic photos taken of Dust Bowl and Depression-era America. It encapsulates a complexity of emotions, possibilities, and hardships that confronts this mother of two, living as a sharecropper recently moved points … Continue reading

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So there’s this Farm Bill, see….

  At some point today, did you sit down for a meal? Buy a shirt? Sit or hike in a national park? Did you or your child have a meal in a public school? Go grocery shopping at your supermarket, … Continue reading

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